The heart pounding thrill show features the world's most dangerous and mind blowing circus artists who between them pump a million gallons of Adrenaline at every appearance!

This award winning show includes thrills and unbelievable spills, that takes the whole Cirque experience to a new level.

Acts include the Globe of Death, where daredevil motorbike riders risk their lives as they hurtle inside the globe of doom at 60 miles an hour.

There is the bungee jumping disaster devils, who drop 100 feet from the sky in a thrill show that will take you to the edge of your seats.

And then there is the most dangerous act of all - the heart pounding Wheel of Destiny, with world class acrobatic stuntmen throwing themselves across the stage as the big wheel hurtles out of control.

There is no other show that comes anywhere close, for excitement, thrills and jaw dropping feats of acrobatic and circus skills.   Le Grand Cirque Adrenaline is the undisputed No 1 attraction of of its type anywhere in the world.  Ticket sales go through the roof with this amazing show.

“The worlds greatest thrill show!”

Sunday Herald